I broke rule #1, and you guys saved me from ruin.

On mobile, so I’ll be brief. I had several thousand in Bitcoin + random shitcoins (about 10x what I currently hold in fiat, because I’m an idiot) on Celsius as recently as a month ago. I decided to move 100% of my shitcoins into BTC because I never really believed in any of them anyway and I assumed they would universally do much worse than Bitcoin. I haven’t even checked to see if I was right.

I also did the math and figured out that a few hundred bucks a year doesn’t really negate the risk of leaving my coins on Celsius. I never would have even worried about it if I didn’t constantly see posts on here trashing DeFi and shitcoins. Once the bill market had arrived, I began wondering if they were right. I had no idea how incredibly shady Celsius is/was at the time and I certainly had no idea they’d become basically insolvent. I’m a typical retarded gambler and I got lucky.

I should have never dabbled in shitcoins or DeFi and I certainly shouldn’t have used them as essentially my singular savings account. I fucked up, and I almost paid dearly. I’m still way down atm, but at least I have my coins in the only crypto worth holding in cold storage and I truly thank this sub for the constant warnings and am eternally grateful I finally listened to you guys in the nick of time.

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