LN/XMR exchange kiosk with crowdsourced liquidity

Hi all,

So this idea was sitting in the back of my mind for about a few months, and I'm seriously considering giving it a go at least because it's an intriguing challenge, and I can fully bootstrap it.
Worst case – I'll lose some money for design and my life's time, hehe.

Anyways, here is the gist of it: a copy of majestic bank with only one pair LN BTC/XMR, and the liquidity is crowdsourced 😁
Underneath it will have all the complexity of an order book-based exchange and, on the surface, all simplicity of a kiosk.

It's okay if people won't use it – I can put a few thousand worths of liquidity on every side. What concerns me is the correct economical design, which I would like to get help with.

So, considering that participants on either side would like to sell their tokens for profit, I can see two options:

– current market price + X% fee for miners

– current market price + X%, but not below the threshold for those who bought their coins

What are your thoughts?

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