Monero community support needed!

I will be on twitter show called The Investors Pit. It is hosted by a small youtuber called Todd Hart, cohosted by Honeybadger and Defi Connection.

The premise is 4 average investors come on the show and have 5 minutes to pitch a project they love. They then answer questions for the community. The winner is decided by a poll posted after the show.

I will be going on in a month representing monero!

The normal projects in this show are low caps, with tight knit communities and very vocal CEOs and teams. This means most projects add giveaways to the show. The prizes can be anything! Usually the coin of the project, BUSD or whitelists. This tends to drive the votes along with how aware the community is of this show.

My problem is monero is too big. I cant contact a 'team'. The community doesnt know this small a show. Theres very little crossover between communities which is a disadvantage in the show.

I am disadvantaged in every way. But this is the best coin. Nothing beats our fundamentals. So I need your help to win the votes when the time comes, and to if you feel kind enough, donate money to the giveaway.

Drop a comment if interested 🙂

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