Most of the pain that people feel in BTC space is self inflicted.

I have been thinking about it and seeing for sometime now.

I remember when I joined so called "crypto space" I had an anger towards the present state which did not allow me to store the financial energy that I was producing with my skills.

I started out looking into stocks but quickly abandoned it understanding it is a rigged game. I thereafter turned towards "Crypto". I was lucky to have done a project to create replica BTC protocol in my master to understand the concepts. So had the bit of technical understanding of the concepts.

But as an every new entrant in this "Crypto" space, I was bombarded with shitcoin projects that makes you believe that you can be rich in few days. Hence, making my time preference very high. Lost lot of money and altogether it was a shit show.

But I gradually started asking myself that "why did I enter this space at the first place?" and also started reading the philosophical aspect of why BTC existed.

Since then, I have gradual transition to being a BTC maxi because it did exactly what I wanted to do from the starting. "Storing the value that I created with my skills".

I built a BTC node and started observing Mempool space and that has made me understand that this thing just works. It doesn't have any issues from outside world. It self adjust when outside parameters change. It almost feels like a self regulating body which will keep on doing what it is supposed to do.

Self inflicted pain that I see with so many people in this space is because either they are too stuck on the price in short time or playing the leverage (get rich quick scheme).

Our society in present form is fast fast, fast this fast that- fast food, fast fashion, fast dating bullshit. This has reduced our concentration levels to records lows, inturn making our time preference to extremely high levels.

The rich fucks that we all see are not made in one day, they are all old fucks now and are very rich now and will remain rich because they invested in their skills.

LOWER YOUR TIME PREFERENCE. A person invested into this project for last 5 years or more is not crying over this price drop or increase . They are happy and away from this price prediction fuck allery that go around in this space.

BTC is still the same protocol when it was 69k and when it is 19k. Rather became better with all the hashrate and all the BTC nodes that are making sure that the things written more than a decade before are still followed the same way.

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