So, serious question… if this crash is how Bitcoin responds to a looming macro downturn/recession, where the heck are we safe to put our money?

I've been in Bitcoin since 2014. I've seen the ups and downs and rode the rollercoaster all this time. This crash has me a little bit spooked though, I will admit.

Bitcoin was made to have strong and incorruptible monetary policy, in the face of easy money. With the way things are going, it seems like we're seeing things unravel in the global economy pretty much as Bitcoiners have been predicting since the beginning.

And yet the price of Bitcoin takes a massive shit as this drama unfolds, and we're all wondering where the bottom is, if it can be found at all.

It's as if you have Rocky training for years and years for the big fight, endless montage, he's fucking shredded and ready to rumble. But when he gets in the ring, he shits his pants and cries.

It just seems like these are the conditions that we've all been preparing for, but it's just not going well so far. We put our money into Bitcoin to have strength in the face of a financial downturn, but if you are holding Bitcoin right now, it's hard to find other investments that have been hit harder.

I guess this is my whiny panic post.

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