Monero Chad Discord Bot

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 I have recently made a Discord bot I called Monero Chad. It has been serving Bananaboat's Monero Discord server for some time now, and I decided I should open source it. It is licensed under AGPLv3, and it lives on GitHub: It is written in Java using the Quarkus framework and JDA, for those potentially interested. MasFlam / Łukasz Drukała 2022-06-21 00:29 CEST -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQGzBAEBCgAdFiEEsnkYWja/k/iWZblsdrVvBPpLjIsFAmKw9W8ACgkQdrVvBPpL jIvBGwv/TcW77w9Hejth401iIz1bel02ZXb3ZbM7nMK+QA7cVPZkRNfbSMBVT848 4tevpnxCBR87mxVLIUlxjJ2O9fOA4xk8Kxa8H6XiB9QwU/Vqlmw2ye0Uc0MGccJq W6nfoU/9SqxmkarHlJbhhmoS7KYCxzRpBF3jcmrgv1MfO14m/Aniwr70VcS9wcMh p87bVR312TVVDe6XzfWoGZv57A80vP6qvS1LUtIXM5dorlu77lksP1HqiabIYscG 8wi2EIRuXuABG+5PuuAiA8nOAjVJ6BlvH9jk/kVh4l+yfcMZkV0FPzvjuQ17smmX hd5sQBzyUTJ3a0fvJsYjcZWLKYk8t9jgD4uMDHzkLN4YB0F0DvnwWYPsGbHBPicy h9tXVq2fCTTxygfimuVRUPga/7KCCwNYltAJcQ/Vlv/wulqf+dO6bkSgRWq/7tes /XbuUVd5aMaD2tL8MIC5dOA1Wicgdxa+u0LoYK0BtHFsY46fWaUkYcGL1YluJ7ND nV/bVdmg =3+ac -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- 

I guess I should clarify that right now you have to self-host if you want to use the bot on your server. Maybe in the future I'll host it myself for people to add to their servers, but right now I do not have a server that I could use for that.

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