Please stop the “Monero is not an investment” narrative.

I used to be a Bitcoiner until I read the Department of Justice PDF indictment on how they were able to trace 125,000 bitcoins from the Bitfinex hack, even though the 'hackers' coinjoined the coins through thousands of coinjoins/transactions.

I read the entire indictment. I read how the IRS agent in charge was able to trace through the Coinjoins like a 1000 degrees hot knife would go through butter.

It really made me open my eyes to how much of a honeypot for the federal government Bitcoin is… It sure did for me because I converted all of my Bitcoin to XMR and now hold 100% of my wealth in Monero. I do all my transactions in Monero. People who think Bitcoin can become private with a couple Coinjoins will be shocked at how easily the federal government were able to trace the stolen coins.

Monero's supply cap will be lower than Bitcoin for the next 20 years. Dogecoin and Ethereum showed us that coins with unlimited supply cap can become successful investments.

I strongly believe with everything inside of me that Monero will become mainstream in the next bull market. Don't take my word for it. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, said more than once that he believed a privacy coin will become mainstream in the decade we're currently in.

"It doesn't make sense to broadcast your transactions to the entire world. I believe at least one privacy coin will become mainstream in the 2020s " ~Brian Armstrong.

Brian Armstrong is one of the richest if not the richest crypto guy in the world. Coinbase holds more Bitcoin than any exchange in the world. Brian Armstrong's word hold weight. He also said that he wants to add Monero to Coinbase, and that it will be added eventually.

Once people start realizing that Monero checks ALL of the boxes for a "peer to peer digital cash system" and once people start realizing that the original white paper for Bitcoin was a "a peer to peer electronic cash system" and NOT a "a peer to peer electronic store of value system" I think Monero should grow massively.

So, can we stop the "Monero is not an investment" narrative ??… pls

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