Re: I’ll sell my 1 acre farm in India for 500 XMR (Indian Residents only)

Re: I'll sell my 1 acre farm in India for 500 XMR (Indian Residents only)

Hi Reddit,

Gps coordinates of the farm that is for sale 11.533642, 77.171247

In my previous post "I'll sell my 1 acre farm in India for 500 XMR",

I asked anyone from anywhere in the world to bid their prices in XMR to buy my farmland.

Some of you have mentioned how it is not permissible for foreigners to buy agricultural land in India.

Here's a context in case you didn't follow the post.


It's a total 2 – acre farm that my mom and I own.

I am selling my part of the farm 1 acre in exchange for 500 monero.

All the legal procedures will be done in person.

Some of you have pointed out how it is a bad deal through

  1. Explanations

Bad deal

  1. Humor

On the moon and mars.

  1. Humor again

Some Random Meme

*Insert Ray Liotta laughing meme*

  1. Deleted humor

I will swap you 9 kgs of rice and my wife.

  1. Hilarious Joke

Some of you have asked questions

How are you going to approach the paperwork

Some of you've questioned the justification of the price

way too steep my friend

55k for 1 acre? No. 500 XMR for 1 acre

Bit expensive for India


Thanks for your wishes 🙂

Good luck

Good pitch

Thanks so so so so so so so so much for all the support you amazingMonero Folks.

My first 33 upvotes on Reddit! All possible because of you guys!

Let's move forward using self-sovereign money.

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