Something weird happening on the blockchain

Something weird happening on the blockchain

What's going on?

This is a screenshot from

There are blocks with a lower height which are younger in terms of age, than blocks with a greater height, and all of the blocks where this is happening seem to contain very few transactions and a lot those transactions seem to have exactly 194 inputs (highly unusual), also I've had transactions waiting for a VERY long time and still unconfirmed.

A miner is up to something, but I'm not sure how (unless they have insane hashrate) they are able to mine blocks that ignore the pool of unconfirmed transactions before anyone else is able to mine blocks, or even the p2pool mining.

I thought that maybe it could be that these transactions were chosen over all the others to be included in these blocks because of the associated huge fees, but that would also make them that much harder to process, wouldn't it? Isn't that partly why fees are based on transaction size in kb?

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