Let’s finally get this one right guys, easy 💸.

Whether you’re a bitcoin speculator, or maximalist, it’s time to get right.

All I mean is that it’s time to start nailing predictions to a point where people believe that you are a psychic.

This is extremely easy just take a few seconds to let this all sink in.

A lot of people would have guessed that the price of bitcoin would have gone above $100,000 by now.

One of the main reasons that many people would have guessed that the price would be higher is due to the fact that governments around the world have printed lots of money over the last couple of years.

Therein lies the secret to investing in bitcoin.

When the overwhelming majority believe that a certain crypto outcome is inevitable, it is never the case.

It’s usually the opposite.

When we were in the $60,000 range, the overwhelming majority believed that we would go higher. We did not.

During the previous bear market, the overwhelming majority believed that the bear market would be shorter, and the bottom was $10,000. They were wrong, it was much longer than people anticipated, and the bottom was right around $4000.

So what does the majority believe now? The majority of people believe that we probably have bottomed out around the most recent low.

What does this mean? Very simple.

They are guaranteed to be wrong. We are going much lower. POTENTIALLY to zero.

Virtually 0% of people who have exposure to crypto believe that Bitcoin will go to zero.

Therefore, I’m starting to give scenarios where Bitcoin can go to zero a more serious look.

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