I THINK THIS IS VERY CLOSE TO THE BOTTOM. Now I know what you’re thinking “of course we’re close, we’ve fallen so much so we more than likely are close genius! What’s crazy about that?” Now hear me out, when I say we’re close I mean I think this is the very bottom (relative)!

But before I go into this, let me first state; I am a multi whole-coiner, not a whale, not a millionaire but I am doing well. I don’t trade BTC, I dca and pick up my buying the more and more price drops. As well, just because I think that this is the bottom I am still not changing my investing strategy at all of course because being in the markets long enough I have never ever been able to perfectly time the bottoms and tops so I don’t even try. I am just pitching this idea because I think I am timing the market perfectly here. Again, not timing the market with how I’m investing and I guess a better statement would be I think I am guessing the market bottom perfectly. Now hear me out.

  1. Whenever the masses are saying Bitcoin is going higher it normally doesn’t. Whenever the masses are stating it’s going much lower it usually doesn’t. What are most “analysts” predicting right now?

  2. World economy, inflation, US fed, etc – we, who follow these topics, which are most investors, are all aware that rates are rising and inflation is increasing. Most people/entities who were going to sell because of war, inflation, rates etc have sold. The people who sold are waiting for bitcoin to drop lower because they fear a capitulation event but the people holding bitcoins now are mostly long term holders like me and whales accumulating. Where will all this sell pressure come from?

  3. Liquidations – we have been in this 18,6 – 21,7 level for enough time (IMO) for the ones playing leverage to get their affairs in order and reduce risk. Just as a dca guy like I have picked up my buying with prices being cheaper, the leveraged players are also lowering their cost basis as well.

  4. Black swan – the black swan always wins!

  5. You can never call a bottom and it comes out of nowhere- When btc hit its bottom in March 20’ it wasn’t until weeks and months later that we realized that that day was the bottom but in the moment and even for the following days it felt like btc could drop even harder. So many ppl missed 17,5 recently and are waiting for price to drop there or further before they buy and if prices never go there someone tell me what prices will that person be buying at next.

I can make a much more detailed list with facts like this but again this is just for fun guys. No I am not investing my whole bag now because of this. I picked up my buying somewhat with lower prices but still dca-ing the entire way!

p.s. by the “bottom” Im guessing around 17,5 if we retest maybe even a low of around 16,9 ish to scare the last few people that still are predicting capitulation to sell as well near the bottom.

What do you guys think?

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