Anyone else hear this 3 part conversation on Monero Talk?

The discussion is between a BTC maxi and someone working on Monero named Seth. It has been an enlightening conversation and I think even the BTC maxi might have been convinced. I linked the first of 3 parts. I'm not sure who Seth is but they are my new favorite person and I would love to be a fly on the wall as they work. I've never heard someone speak so proficiently about XMR and it is with someone who is skeptical. Fantastic conversation!

"TODAY'S 🎙SHOW: Douglas Tuman sits down with two powerhouse guests. Giacomo Zucco, a Bitcoin OG known for his strong technical understanding of Bitcoin and his belief that all other cryptos will eventually trend to zero against Bitcoin and Seth for Privacy, a privacy and Monero tech expert.

Giacomo laid out his criticism of Monero and allowed Seth and Doug to thoroughly respond to each point. The fact is, most of these things have been covered in one form or another on Monero Talk already. But this was an epic, thorough overview. So much that so we had to break this one into three episodes. Listen close, a lot is covered!

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🔗Links: Part 2: Part 3: Twitter: Website: Twitter: Website: "

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