Noob questions

Hi guys,

since I'm rather new to the Monero-World I've got a couple of questions, I hope you can answer.

I've been on a couple of crypto related boards and I stumbled upon a bunch of posts that mentioned the need of Monero mixers. Like I said, I'm new to this but I thought that Monero and the gui wallet (especially when installed on tails) are inherently anonymous, so I really don't get why I would need to use a mixer. I mean I understand why you should use one with, for example, Bitcoin, but why Monero? The problem is my lack of experience/knowledge in this field, so I can't verify those claims.

Also, I've got an old Macbook (late 2013) which I basically only use for watching netflix and stuff, so I wondered how I could install a monero node on it. Is there a good step-by-step instruction page somewhere?

Thanks for the help.

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