Some questions for the future of BTC’s utility. Please respond with helpful solution, rather than negative comments mocking my poor understanding etc. I am here to learn.

  1. If BTC is a deflationary asset due to its fixed supply, why can't governments simply stop print fiat money once and for all and see deflation with traditional fiat currencies in the same manner?
  2. What happens if all the available BTC is bought and the people who own them refuse to sell?
  3. Although BTC is a decentralised asset, you can only buy it on centralised exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase (from my understanding). Thus, doesn't this defeat the initial purpose of eliminating the risk of your money being stolen or controlled.
  4. When we go to the supermarket, we pay exactly the amount that we buy. However, if BTC transactions have fees, and these fees can add up pretty quickly, doesn't this prevent BTC from being integrated into society and being used in everyday lives?
  5. BTC is only fully yours when it's in a cold wallet. However, sending BTC from a cold wallet is an inconvenient and time-consuming progress, therefore halting BTC from regular use and eventually becoming a world reserve currency.

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