Did I just lose 2 BTC?

I'm using Exodus Wallet on Mac. When I click "receive" it used to show wallet address "bc1qnjl35hkk20gxemyfxadrar2fa50jmdhy0rztrr".

I saved this wallet address on my exchange and successfully deposited BTC to it in early July and last month. Today I tried to deposit another 2 BTC to this address but it never arrived.

I checked my Exodus Wallet App and now there seems to be a new Wallet Address: "bc1qhcuhdz0y89k007z6tx80h0r9829w7ec64uv9gt". Does that mean my Wallet address changed and the old one is no longer existing?? When I check the old address in the block explorer it really has a 2 BTC balance now. But $0 in my Exodus Wallet.

The funny thing is, I actually used to check if the Exodus Wallet address was changing but it didn't. So I always deposited money to the old Wallet address without an issue.

I think it's such a stupid practice to go through a tedious approval process at the exchanges but then have the wallets change the address without any notification…

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