PSA: It’s okay to spend your bitcoins.

I've noticed a trend of posts on this sub of people questioning or even ridiculing anyone who spends or has spent their bitcoins to buy things on the Internet.

This is not what bitcoin is about.

When I got in to bitcoin, the game was to get other people as interested in bitcoin as we were. We did this by:

  • Supporting people who accepted bitcoin payments by buying stuff from them with bitcoin.
  • Asking people if they would add bitcoin as a payment option. And if they did, we bought stuff from them.

And this is what gave bitcoin value.

The more we spent bitcoin, the more it became a valid payment system, and the more popular it became.

We spent years making bitcoin a real-life currency, and it's what got us to where we are today. The price you see when you open the chart was built by those who dared to buy and spend a new digital currency that had the power to change the world.

But at some point we've gotten lost in the HODL.

Yes, bitcoin is one hell of a store of value. And yes, I believe it will be worth a hell of a lot more in the future too. I HODL as hard as the next guy, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten what it means to be a bitcoiner.

Bitcoin is an electronic payment system, so we need to treat it like one if we want it to have a future.

Keep spending your coins at companies who accept them. And keep asking other companies to accept them too.

We've gotta stop stop locking our coins away, because there's still too many people out there who haven't experienced how good a world with bitcoin can be. And the more the world knows how good bitcoin is, the more we can say we've done our job.

So move a couple of coins in to a hot wallet, and start showing the world what all this bitcoin shit is about.

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