Google Sheets BTC portfolio tracker

I've recently been developing my own BTC transactions tracker using Google Sheets that I'd like to share with anyone interested. The demo sheet includes fake buy/sell transactions using BTC historical prices directly from Google Finance.

This tracker allows you to check:

  1. Your all-time buy/sell performance (realized vs realized gains, portfolio cost vs current value)
  2. Your buy/sell performance for specific time periods > the demo sheet is currently set to look at the (fake) portfolio's performance between Mar.21st, 2021 and and Jan. 22nd, 2022.
  3. Details for all your transactions and their individual performance in relation to today's price.

The only columns that need filling are columns B to F in the 'Tx Tracker' sheet. The rest is automatically calculated for you.

I wanted to keep it simple for my own sake. I have tried looking for good trackers in the past, but many of them are either too simplistic and don't allow you to look at your overall performance, whilst others are far too complex to use for the noob I am – so I tried to strike a middle ground with this one.

Here's the link to the file:

I've restricted the sheet to 'view only', so you can click 'File > Make a copy' if you'd like to use it. One you've copied it, you will have access to the drop-down menu to select your desired time range in the 'PERF BY DATE' sheet.


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