Non-crypto investments to diversify my Bitcoin position

Hi all,

I'm unresponsibly long bitcoin (no leverage but a very high % of my small net worth). I'm very confident that Bitcoin will succeed long term but I would like to lower my short-term volatility with some uncorrelated asset class. I think a big recession or interest rate hikes above consensus could negatively impact bitcoin in the short term.

Have you seen any articles/fund strategies/academic papers that study assets uncorrelated with Bitcoin? US Long term treasury bonds are starting to look more appealing now for the first time in a while and could do well in a recession (but probably not if rate hikes are above consensus)

Any other ideas? gold? commodities? value stocks?

In an ideal world, I would love to find something high risk (I'm young) but uncorrelated with Bitcoin but I could also do bonds or something low risk to lower my extremely risky (volatile) portfolio.

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