Graphic experts come here

We should make a cool infographic image of the potential of monero.

So,according to:—asset-protection-planners-examine-the-facts-300060864.html

And others, the offshore banking system is around 30 trillion dollars, the actual number is obviously much bigger given that they try to hide its details but let's stick with 30 trillions.

We know the emission of monero. In 2050 there will be 22 million moneroj.

So the math is simple. If monero attracts only 5% of the low assessment of trillion offshore market, then 1 monero will be worth 70k $.

5% of 30 trillion is 1.5 trillion. And 1.5 trillion divided by 22 million coins is 68k.

It would be a cool pie chart graphic to give to the people who say that monero is good but they don't want it because it's a bad investment and it'll go to zero compared to bitcoin.

Seems like a good investment to me. Even if it catches only 1% of that market 1 coin would be 14k $.

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