How to not sound like a conspiracy theorist.

I work as a specialized unit that frequently gets contracted out by pretty much everyone in the energy sector.

Back in 2018 I had mentioned to my boss that the turbine operating company we were working for was crazy not to be mining with their excess power at night. He mentioned it to his contact and he more or less got laughed out of the room. He's mildly aware of bitcoin and very likely couldn't speak to it well.

Anyways fast forward to a couple weeks ago….. look who comes asking about bitcoin mining. Same people but now it seems they are very interested and are asking my boss thinking he knows what's up. So in reality my boss is setting up a meeting that I will effectively be running to the higher ups of an absolutely massive infrastructure company. While I feel up to the task just wondering if anyone has more experience orange pilling the suits without coming off as a conspiracy theorist.

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