Anyone have any issues lately w/ FTX not being able to send Fiat?

Been using FTX as my main exchange for 5 months now, no issues at all. Every week I send money on to the exchange to buy BTC. No where near my rolling limits.

I tried to send a small amount, $26, and it said that it cannot process at this time. Help ticket told me that it's handled by a 3rd party risk assessment firm and that they can't help, but they did add 'thanks for understanding', can they understand that w/out the ability to send money to their exchange, then that exchange becomes useless?

I sent the money to unfortunately, Coinbase, but they didn't have any issues processing the deposit, so it's not my bank kicking it back.

Anyone have similar experience w/ FTX? They've been rock solid, but this one is a little frustrating.

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