Bitcoin as a vehicle for soft Neocameralism

Went down a rabbit hole about the criticism of democracy from Curtis Yarvin.

Some of those criticisms are compelling but to be honest, democracy has the best track record, I'm not advocating for the dismissal of democracy rather just entertaining some interesting ideas and how they might relate to Bitcoin.

There are alternatives that are proposed like Neocameralism, where the state is run like a business. In the Neocameralism world, you have no vote but instead are a customer of the state. If the state can not meet your needs you are allowed "free exit" to another state. In theory, the states with a bad business model will lose citizens (customers) and eventually go out of business.

It's not difficult to imagine some serious flaws in Neocameralist power structure. "Free exit" may not be guaranteed or perhaps is highly impractical for the majority of people.

But if a citizen has something valuable that is outside the state then a kind of "soft" Neocameralism can exist.

I mean soft in that it is not a formal structure.

I can imagine a world where one country does something people dislike. So these ambitious folks leave that country with their Bitcoin.

Because of the scarcity of Bitcoin, it will become harder and harder to obtain and therefore Bitcoin can only be awarded to people that produce actual value.

If I was a government and saw that a foreigner made an app/device/company that creates X-amount of Bitcoin per year. Then I should create favorable conditions that would attract those people.

So I can imagine a weird parallel world where we have fiat controlled by politicians but if mismanaged then their Bitcoin citizens have "free exit"

In this world, a certain amount of Bitcoin would serve as a passport.

Thoughts? I am not making an argument for anything, just exploring some pretty far out ideas.

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