Introducing – An XMR/WOW only P2P market place.

Hi there, this is mb. I was asked to post this in the name of the admin. This is in no way an endorsement, Im just posting this as a proxy because i was asked nicely to do so. Here it goes:

Following the philosophy of Agorism the site tries to fill the gap of an easy to access P2P market on the clear web. This does not require an account or registration. The site, in principle, is a glorified image board with Advertisements instead of Threads with a spirit of Craig's list.

The site does not require cookies or JS to use and is accessible via VPN or TOR. We are currently in alpha state and is in need to people to test out their buy/sell ads.

In order to prevent abuse and maintain a high quality Adverts will be manually screened by the moderators. Therefore expect a delay of a few hours for your adverts to show up.

Have fun, post ads and try to break things – The site is in alpha stage and requires bugs to be caught and crushed.

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