Recession: Is it a over demonised word from Keynesian economist?

Just a thought according to the level of understanding I have in this topic which can be pretty low but would like to get educated.

Coming from Austrian economics mindset ( I am still understanding it), Recession seems to be over demonised by current economic world that we live in. What is wrong with people not wanting to spend money on useless stuff and not contribute to this vicious cycle of debt generation into economy, forcing people to constantly search for ways to spend money to help consumerism and keep this wheel turning?

I see recession as an opportunity for people to stick to basic, buy what they really need and save into buying hardest asset in the world i e BTC. I have been doing it since 3 years now, I feel calm and have no debts behind me. If I die tomorrow, I will leave my family with asset that they will be happy to have rather than a debt.

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