The people can win.

For the people that feel melancholic because bitcoin hasn't vaulted over $100k yet….

The best wars are the non-viølent wars because when the enemy capitulates they will be forced to live in the world you create when you win.

You forget something?

Did you forget that all the elites in our society, the richest people in the world, and all the corrupt politicians are the ones closest to the money printer.

Did you forget that the mainstream economists and internet keyboard warriors failed to fix the system after the 2008 crash. That the banks thrived.

Did you think this was going to be easy!?!

I remember giving out "Free Tibet" stickers and "bitcoin" stickers on WallStreet. I remember protesting the military-industrial complex in Washington.

All the movements that are for the people have setbacks and hindrances. They have failures and defeats.

But we win.

We build the bitcoin network. We forget the fluctuations and focus on the fundamentals. Because the fundamentals are for the people. The verbiage and fraud is for the elite sucking on the Fed Faucet.

Money printing enables narcissism, psychopaths, sociopaths, corruption, modern slavery, abuse, and sadism.

This is all about creating a network for 8 billion plus people to use for millenia. Interplanetary, and infallible.

The bitcoin network doesn't care about price, it needs to grow. And when it grows the communist, fascists and psychopaths will be washed into History.

The people will win.

Buy BTC. Build the network. Because the people can win.

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