Approximately 1.34% of the world owns Bitcoin.

Global population is at approximately 7.9 billion:

This group estimates that 106 million people own some Bitcoin worldwide:

This article estimates that a maximum of 1.2 million people owned Bitcoin in 2014:

More people in the US own stocks (145 million Americans) than the total number of Bitcoin owners globally:

There’s currently 5 billion internet users globally. In 2014 there were 3 billion internet users globally:

Bank account ownership increased from 51% of the global population in 2011 to 76% of the global population in 2021:

Millennials and gen z are just as likely to own crypto as they are stocks:

91% of existing crypto users plan to buy more in the next 6 months:

Here’s some things I’m thinking about. Few people own Bitcoin worldwide. Those that do own BTC and crypto are likely to keep buying more. Younger generations are just as likely to buy crypto as they are stocks. As Gen Z starts earning money, they’ll likely increase their crypto positions as they age and their wages & salaries increase. Roughly 1/4 of the world is unbanked and lacks access to WiFi. There’s still billions and billions of people unconnected. I don’t think older people will buy BTC once they do get connected and banked, but their future offspring likely will, increasing the % of BTC owners.

TLDR: We’re early.

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