Bitcoin Public Key to Receiving Address ‘Calculator’

I recently developed a website for calculating standard bitcoin receiving addresses from a child public key:

I thought I'd share it in case anyone finds it useful, especially as I haven't come across another website or tool which lets you do this easily (eg, most wallet/address calculators start by having you generate or input your seed words or a private key (or an extended public key), rather than starting from the child public key).

The main use for this tool would be to demonstrate 'likely' ownership during an audit in which you'd rather not provide your private key, extended public key, nor a message signed by the private key. That might sound odd, but I was in such a scenario recently (for a self-managed superannuation fund audit).

You can check the website and the Github page to see a more comprehensive description of the tool, as well as some other resources that might help to understand and use it.

Feedback or suggestions welcome! It's open source too, so feel free to modify it however you want.

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