Monero Market website with escrow system has been released —

Monero Market website with escrow system has been released --

Hi XMR community, Monero Marketwas released today. It is a website for buying and selling legal items. It is like Ebay but uses Monero only, anyone can list something to sell. The website intends to be used to connect buyers and sellers and also protect both with an escrow system.

There is a built in XMR wallet on the platform that users can deposit and withdraw from, but it is advised for users to store their unused funds in self custody. The security of your XMR funds deposited on the platform is taken very seriously. We also will strive to make the escrow system as fair and accurate as possible.

Orders will have an auto finalization period of 30 days. Before the 30 days expires, a buyer can create a dispute or close the order, releasing the funds to the seller. Monero Market website will take 5% of the sale amount from the seller. Sellers also have the option to cancel an order, which will result in the buyer automatically getting refunded the full XMR amount. If the 30 days expires, the seller is automatically paid. If there is a dispute, the seller will have 5 days to view the evidence and description submitted by the buyer and respond with their own evidence. The admin will then review the case.

The main mission for Monero Market is to expand the use cases of Monero and help solidify its legitimacy as a top cryptocurrency

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