Have an old unused laptop? Create your own PiNodeXMR Monero Node with one simple command

Have an old unused laptop? Create your own PiNodeXMR Monero Node with one simple command

PiNodeXMR used to be just for Raspberry Pi, then any Armbian Single Boards Computer, now AMD64 / x86_64 is supported too!

We're an opensource project to make Monero node building easier for the less tech savvy and throw in a bunch of useful features while we're at it. So not only do you get a headless Monero node but you get your own BlockExplorer, P2Pool server, Monero-LWS (experimental), tor and I2P connectivity. Best of all it doesn't cost a thing.

The main project is on GitHub


With some previews and examples on our website https://pinode.co.uk/


The idea is you install the latest Ubuntu Server image to an old laptop (or dual boot), and then at the command line enter one command to start the installation process. Once installed the device will then host a web page you can access from anywhere in your home network (shown above) to control your node and check it's progress.

With some basic port forwarding you can connect your Monero wallet to your own node whilst 'on the go' to broadcast your transactions privately and no longer need to rely on random remote nodes.

We are a community project… Come and say hi in our telegram, reddit sub (r pinode) or drop us an email (from our website) if you're a Linux guru and have suggestions on how to improve / web dev and have a new idea for our site… feel free to get involved.

A basic walk through on how to get started with a laptop/mini PC can be found here:


PiNodeXMR is a compilation of useful Monero based tools, credit to the individual module devs:




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