Help: BRD Wallet Migration Issue

I'm posting this here rather than r/BRDapp, since that sub seems to be dead.

A friend of mine, technically illiterate guy, who bought from me a certain amount of satoshis a few years ago ended up with BRD wallet. Just a few weeks ago, he opens up the app to take a look at his stash and is welcomed with a BRD-to-Coinbase migration shitshow.

So I'm trying to help him get access to his bitcoins, but for some reason none of the existing recipes are working.

His seed was 12 words only without additional passphrase (I don't think BRD ever supported the additional passphrase, right?). The amount was just received and never moved once. I know the public key and see that the coins never moved. The address is legacy type.

What I have tried so far, but I am not able to recreate the right address (no funds seen by the wallet):

  • Entered seed into Bluewallet.
  • Entered seed into both types, custodial/noncustodial Coinbase wallet. (Migration destination. What a shitshow …)
  • Followed the bitcointalk's thread to recover with Electrum. Path m/0 shows nothing.
  • Used IanColeman BIP39 tool and tried m/0. The address doesn't show in the first 100 list.

The tx took place in end of November 2019.

Did anyone of you also had such a problem ?

Is it possible to find somewhere a still functioning BRD wallet app that is not a scam? Since the start of the migration, they deliberately crippled the app. You can only go to preferences or to Coinbase wallet link.


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