i have converted all my xmr for eth, i explain why…


i like bitcoin cash and monero and zcash, especially monero.

i think that having a way to do peer to peer transactions, anonymously, and to store value, is a necessary alternative to the (probable) coming end of physical cash and the coming of CBDCs.

that being said, i live in the EU, and there are coming regulations with excessive surveillance on the users of cryptos, and restrictions on what were will be able to do or not, and we will have to justify all transferts in-out exchanges and payment processors, a nightmare…

now let's be honest : only a few people / shops use bch, but nobody use xmr or zec. (except on the darknet, which i don't use)

however stable tokens (usdc / usdt) can be used with many exchanges and payment processors.

and with ethereum, it is possible to store value and to do transfers peer to peer, but also to swap / trade on-chain without the need of an exchange, and DEXs are becoming better and better.

i have also heard of tornado cash to make some stable / eth anonymous.

so for me, in the current context, it is better to not be always anonymous, in order to not be always suspicious, but still to have the possibility to break a tail (traceability) if necessary.

we need to be able to stay sovereign of our coins / stable, but also to be able to spend them for essential things, otherwise what is the point ?

feel free to contradict me, i am still pondering the pros / cons.

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