Interest check: Air Gapped Monero OS

Interest check: Air Gapped Monero OS

Would anyone be interested in a live OS on a USB for air-gapped Monero usage?

It would be similar to what people already do with TailsOS, but it would have almost everything ripped out, including the things needed for internet connections. It would act as the key needed to sign a transaction made by a view-wallet, among other cool things you can do with offline hardware.

Here's a proof-of-concept of an offline transaction sign:

The current process for air-gapped transactions is:

  1. Create transaction on internet connected view-wallet
  2. Transfer transaction file to USB
  3. Connect USB to air-gapped device, sign transaction
  4. Transfer signed transaction back to internet connected machine and send

The tools needed to automate this are already out there, just need to glue some FOSS programs together with the already builtin functionality of the official Monero CLI and RPC wallets.

The OS itself would be a stripped down fork of Linux, here's an example of an Arch install that has all the things necessary for offline Monero signing (Core system utilities, Monero binaries, etc):

Disk usage is 600MB~, RAM usage is 71MB~ at idle. This would be a perfect way to convert an old laptop into an offline signing device. And of course, all of the UI would be GUI prompts like the first picture, no terminals like above.

For security: rather than a physical secure element like a hardware wallet, this OS would just not even have the software needed to be able to connect to the internet. The above picture for example, cannot make any connections. Full-disk encryption is possible as well.

I was inspired by this CCS Proposal for an offline Monero signer with a Raspberry Pi, unfortunately the author seems to have gone MIA so the project seems like it won't be completed. I'd like to take over (with some slight changes), because I think we're lacking hardware/offline wallet solutions.

This OS would be 100% free to download and use with any USB/computer you have, although developing it won't be free for me, so if you're interested let me know, I'd like to start a CCS Proposal myself because I'd love to make this 😀

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