Lightning Network Adoption

To start, I am a bitcoin maximalist but not a lightning maximalist, if that makes sense.

We are seeing a lot of lightning network adoption in US due to the efforts of Strike, Cashapp and others. I am not downplaying their efforts, but I cant get myself to pay with lightning, when better methods of payments exist.

Credit cards are by far the best payment method. They let you pay with depreciating fiat that you dont even have. On a financial level, spending borrowed fiat is better than spending bitcoin.

70% of the US population has credit cards, and I dont see why they would stop using them.

Especially with the current style of adoption, where the merchants dont care about bitcoin. The bitcoin they recieve gets auto converted to fiat the moment they get it.

The only time I spend my bitcoin is when merchants offer a discount for paying in bitcoin (eg Coinkite). Everywhere else I use a credit card.

Now a common criticism is that lightning is faster and saves merchants fees that would be charged by visa.

But sorry if this sounds selfish, I dont care. As long as I get the stuff at the same time I dont care how better lightning is for the merchant.

Bitcoin is built on the game theory that rational actors only looking out for themselves will lead to its adoption. So I dont think me having to look out for merchants should be a part of the game theory of adoption.

Until I see merchants offering me a benefit for paying in bitcoin, I dont see myself paying in bitcoin. That will only come if they stop autoconverting to dollars. Why would they do that and increase their tax headaches?

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