El Salvador’s acceptance of Bitcoin as a legal tender explodes tourism growth. Is Bitcoin the reason for El Salvador’s explosive tourism growth?

Currently, El Salvador’s tourism rates have been growing at an erratic pace, according to Cointelegraph, the degree of tourism has spiked over 82% and may be attributed to El Salvador’s complete embracement of the blockchain technology and adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender.

Cryptocurrency technology has been a major attraction to people all over the world, the benefits and opportunities it provides revolutionize the economic sectors. Cryptocurrency platforms like Crypto,com has continually expanded to different regions of the world to provide crypto services to people and blockchains, Zetrix blockchain as well has created cross-chain technologies to bridge global enterprises with the benefits that come with blockchain technology like smart contract functionalities, scalability, and security.

Despite the bear trend, tourism has soured in El Salvador, and the interest in cryptocurrency keeps growing which may influence further adoption and acceptance globally.

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