Fold App review for DCA into bitcoin

I haven’t seen a lot of posts about the Fold App so I wanted to give a little bit of info without sounding too much like a shill. I think it is another tool to use that would work for many people that want to get some more bitcoin exposure in a dca and fun kind of way.

It’s a debit account with a card that you can use to pay bills and earn some Sats back.I am able to pay a few larger bills -a mortgage, insurance, some utility providers and cell phone, which is what makes it kind of nice. This is unique and the main reason I use it along with Amazon gift cards and a couple of stores. (Check if your mortgage or rent would accept PayPal first by adding them as billers and you will know if this is feasible and can make it worth the card imo just with this application).

You are processing with PayPal and using the Fold Card as you payment method for some bill types. Fold is still working on doing this directly without PayPal but not there yet so it is a workaround and they are fine with it and acknowledge. The card can be used POS like any other debit card at your local stores if you wish.

The platform itself is an app with a game feel. You have a spin wheel where you try for different values of earnings back and you can strategize for getting more back for larger purchases based on how you stack up your free spins. The standard percent back is 1 percent and the wheel can give upwards of 2, 3 and 4 percent back with many more options. I average about 2.5 percent on the larger purchases and small ones combined. This isn’t necessarily better in terms of totals back compared to getting 5 percent on food or gas for instance, but it is a very easy way to dca and getting bitcoin back on mortgage or some big bills is rare.

You can also buy Amazon cards with 5 percent off plus your bonuses and DoorDash at 7 percent off plus bonuses. Quite a few more stores also.

Transfer to cold storage is free also. It is weekly transfers and there is a minimum after settlement to be allowed to submit a withdrawal. Once you start using it, the sats flow easy I have found and it’s a pretty smooth process. It’s been around since 2019 and I have used it about 2 years.

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