I want to purchase 1 bitcoin as an investment. Should I wait, average in, or buy it ASAP before the price goes higher?

I have the cash to buy 1 bitcoin, I just wanted to know how I should go about buying it based on current market conditions.

  1. Should I wait for a better price than 23K?
  2. Should I just average in right now, an if so, how long of a duration should I average in?
  3. Should I buy the 1 Bitcoin ASAP because of the risk of bitcoin going higher because bitcoin is at such a low price right now.
  4. Do you think buying bitcoins right now is the smart time to buy because of the huge price drop we have right now, or will it probably bottom again a lot lower before it heads higher?

My reasoning for buying right now is that we dropped a huge amount from the lows, and if bitcoin runs the same trend it has in the past, it should hit a new high during the next few years. I also think there is no other competition/coin that will replace bitcoin.


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