Saylor Steps Down and China & Taiwan Heats Up with Sidd @CaptainSiddh – State of Bitcoin Ep. 34

In this episode Sidd CaptainSiddh who rode around the US on a motorcycle visiting Bitcoin meetups across the country. We get into his experience with his boots on the ground effort and how plebs around the country are spreading the word of Bitcoin! Then we get into 6 current event stories including:

  • Saylor Steps down as CEO of MicroStrategy to focus on Bitcoin
  • China and Taiwan Conflict nearing
  • Another LatAm Bitcoin Hub starting in Honduras
  • Shitcoin cryptocurrency Solona has been hacked
  • NY Times writes on Swan Bitcoin and Cory Klippsten
  • Riot and other Miners dropping production due to Texas Heat raising questions on consumer energy

Listen here.

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