Would you rather have a services marketplace or commodities marketplace on Monero

Hi, Monero community!

I'm a software developer looking to create a production project for my portfolio. And I thought, what better way to do that than to contribute to Monero's ecosystem.

I'm looking to create a marketplace that transacts exclusively in Monero, and have my eyes down on one of two possibilities:

  • I could either make a services marketplace, like Upwork, where clients post their projects and freelancers can propose.
  • Or, I can make a commodities marketplace, like eBay or Craigslist, where people can sell their goods.

If you had to choose between one of these two, which one would you prefer to see and why?

I've also seen some examples of people attempting similar marketplaces with other currencies, and most of the time the marketplaces are dead. What do you think are the key considerations I should have to ensure that this marketplace doesn't end up the same?


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