Nobody should be boasting how much BTC they have

This will probably get downvoted to oblivion, but I feel it must be said. Why are there so many people here who tell complete strangers on the internet how much money they have?

I mean, it's cool to be a fullcoiner, and it's perfectly fine to be proud of your stacking, but Reddit is not a safe and anonymous place for this. There are innumerable cases of doxxing on this platform, and bragging about having this or that much makes you a tempting target for crooks.

Worse still, IRS (and its equivalents elsewhere) are starting to get aware of BTC as a true reserve of valor, and are starting to come down hard on people for not declaring BTC in their tax returns. If you boast about how many sats are on your wallet on a public place like Reddit, what if in the near future IRS investigators link you to your reddit account and prosecute you for not declaring your bitcoins?

Stay safe people.

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