PSA: Do not switch your mining over nanopool but use P2Pool or a smaller pool instead

There is 1 week left before the biggest pool (minexmr) shuts down
It currently still owns around 950 Mh/s as seen over
Meaning that in 1 week, all that hashrate will be moving out, some could be to an other pool or some might just not mine anymore in the case that speculations about botnet mining on compromised networks and owner not having access to those anymore type of situation

Anyways, today there has been an increase of hashrate on nanopool from around 350 Mh/s to like 700 Mh/s
Which is not ideal, like, let's not make the same mistakes by centralizing most of the nethash on a single entity
That hashrate doesnt seem to come from minexmr miners as it's hashrate didnt move
The overall nethash went from like 2.3 Gh/s to like 2.8 Gh/s so it seems to be probably something along the lines of rigs that were turned off during this summer which are now back online again

The minimum payout on the current top 3 pools are 0.1 XMR, meaning miners on these that dont have a massive mining setup would be having their coins held hostage for a very long time until they reach that minimum required

Just dont be dumb getting your funds held hostage that way and instead chose for more decentralization by mining on P2Pool which not only it helps decentralization but also will get you regular payouts, as the minimum to receive funds is wayyyy lower so it's basically a win-win situation there
Here's some links that could help you into your journey to mine on P2Pool:

And if too lazy or not tech savvy enough or whatever, there's always regular smaller pools like that making the switch would be as easy as what you're already doing on one of the current bigger pools

We have a great opportunity right here to officially be the most decentralized cryptocoin in existence of the whole world, like far ahead of bitcoin that just completely gave up on that aspect, it would be a shame to waste that opportunity by not having that decentralized mining on P2Pool adoption
Let's not make the same mistakes as bitcoin is doing, and take that opportunity of minexmr shutdown to be what the whole thing was supposed to be

When Satoshi made BTC, he didnt envision centralization though pools, he didnt envision centralization through asics mining
1 CPU = 1 vote is where it used to be and where it should be
Monero is the real Bitcoin so let's keep being that and keep aiming at more decentralization where bitcoin completely failed there

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