been away for a months, whats up with our competitors

So, half a year back I remember (forgot my arguments 🙁 ) where i had a discussion explaining how ARR is a shitcoin and that all this shilling lately is just annoying, now i see quite many people talking about Dero which was atleast for me very new at that time. I didnt get into it much, now i see Monero matteo making a bullish video on dero and hear that its supposed to be able to make DeFI private? Which reminds me when someone respected in our community (forgot who) told me defi is not really possible in a private way.

what do you all think about dero? and ARR? are there any new *good* comparisons with monero and its competitors? Do I need to scroll trough everything because I missed some important news? probably missed some juicy stuff eh

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