Idea: we should do a FOSS brain drain of the Netherlands

According to the Netherlands has arrested a developer suspected of working on a privacy tool for Ethereum. I propose we push for a brain drain of FOSS developers from the Netherlands!

It's a key principle of FOSS that all power and responsibility is in the hands of the user. The responsibility bit is usually the first thing established in any FOSS license. If the Netherlands violates this, they have effectively made themselves incompatible with open source. Image if Dutch Linux devs were arrested because Linux can be used by criminals!

Concretely, this would consist of encouraging Dutch devs to work remotely, abandoning domestic software projects, and for foreign devs not to work on Dutch software. We could also try to get the FSF to prevent the Dutch government from using GPL licensed software, since violating the GPL terminates your rights under it.

Why do you all think?

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