Do we have any previous no-coiners / anti-bitcoiners that changed their minds and started buying that can lend us commentary?

My story is nothing special. When I first heard about bitcoin I thought it was used exclusively for buying drugs on the dark web from a dark web horror story I saw on youtube. I didn't actively go out of my way to tell anyone not to buy it though. I just didn't have an opinion on it.

Fast forward to 2017. I'm working at a PC technology company at their HQ in Taipei, Taiwan. The boss brings in a client that took an interest with talking to the only white guy at the company. He told me I should look into buyingg bitcoin. I genuinely thought maybe he was using bitcoin to buy and sell drugs online. After he left the office, I asked my boss what he's buying from us and why. He said that they were buying large amount of power supplies from us to buy bitcoin. My curiousity was peaked. "Ok maybe there is more to this than just buying drugs online." I started buying that week and did all my research later. I came for the money, stayed for the tech.

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