I’m 20 years opening a Bitcoin Atm Business

Hey guys, I need your help.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of paperwork I need in the state of Pennsylvania to start a Bitcoin Atm business. I'm totally aware that in this day and age the regulations are firm and can impose owners to serious penalties and or jailtime. I have already looked into the KYC/AML aspect of things but I'm seeking someone to establish the legal and or paperwork side of things for the business before I place the ATMs around town.

Is this something that I need a lawyer to look into or something? Can this all be done on my own time? What do you suggest?

I have $13,000 to invest in the start up and roughly another $10,000 in crypto-currencies to put into my first ATM for transaction purposes. My goal is to scale this business within the boundaries of any regulations so that they don't chop my ass off and display it in a museum…

Anything helps, thanks!

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