Question about running my own node. It’s a set and forget or I need to personally verify everything?

I’m a non-tech bitcoin enthusiast and I’m thinking of starting running my own node, but my ignorance about the subject (even after a read a lot about it) keeps me having 6 basic questions.

1 – When everyone says that running your own node helps reject possible corrupted blocks, how does my node knows if the block is following the rules or is trying to approve a corrupted block? Does the node im running do it automatically or I have to be all the time looking at the new mined blocks and manually approve them?

2 – Is the node a set and forget thing? My ignorance thinks it’s setting a Raspberry pi4 with a 1tb hard drive, running umbrel, download the ledger and that’s it? I just keep it plugged to the power source and it’ll do the job by itself while I keep on doing my daily stuff?

4 – let’s say I use sparrow wallet with a hardware wallet, how do I use my own node to approve my transactions and not using another node? It’s something it’s easy to do or I have to have technical knowledge and do it manually every time.

5 – Do I have to have the umbrel OS running in another computer to check what’s happening in my raspberry pi4 (as it doesn’t have a screen).

6 – Do I need the 8gb Ali or I can run it on a 4gb version?

I’m willing to add my contribution to the network and invest in the hardware to help descentralize it but this basic doubts are keeping me from going forward.

Can someone explain it to me assuming all I know is that I have to buy the raspberry pi4, a 1tb hard drive and install umbrel on an SD card and download the ledger from bitcoin core?

Thanks in advance!

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