Anonymity at its most: LocalMonero Collaborates with Utopia to Make your Transactions 100% Secure

Anonymous payments have always been one of Utopia’s main values. Thus, LocalMonero, the largest and most trusted P2P Monero exchange in the XMR community, got interested in a partnership aimed to offer all the web users a completely decentralized, unhackable, and secure way to acquire XMR.

Thanks to Utopia P2P, one can easily purchase as much XMR as needed without any personal data required or any extra wallets used. All a user needs is to create a login, a password, and search for LOCALMONERO in Idyll, the in-built browser of Utopia. All the anonymous XMR coins can be anonymously acquired via Utopia USD (UUSD) or Crypton (CRP). Thus, no personalities can be identified. Moreover, no wallet can be hacked because Utopia P2P is completely decentralized and works as a highly-encrypted mesh-network where each user takes part in the data transmission.

Less talk, more action: check the benefits of acquiring Monero via Utopia on your own. No extra fees charged, just your comfort boosted

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