Bitcoin in Iran

Hi everyone! I am an MSc student at a UK university, and I’m researching how Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin adoption has increased in Iran as a result of US sanctions and the volatility of the Iranian currency. The utility of bitcoin as a tool against both American and authoritarian power is a fascinating topic which political scholarship has completely ignored, despite its emergence as a global trend (For instance in Venezuela). Unfortunately, there is very little information out there on the topic.

I’m looking to conduct interviews with Iranians engaging in bitcoin and Cryptocurrency related activities. If you are an Iranian bitcoin miner or holder/enthusiast, please get in touch with me over private message (or comment on this post).

I would also love to hear from anyone who has sent or received money from Iran in the form of Bitcoin. It would be amazing to get your voices out there!

No personal information will be required, participants will be made fully anonymous (usernames will not be referenced in the final research). Some of the miners I have already spoken to have understandably been concerned about their anonymity and their safety. I am happy to give more information about myself and my research if required.

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