ChainsAtlas: A Multi-Chain Interoperability Network (Technical whitepaper)

The technical whitepaper :
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Medium article:

ChainsAtlas is a new blockchain technology that leverages virtualization and multiple distributed ledger technologies with a smart contract feature to create a cross-chain decentralized homogeneous network for distributed software and data processing.

ChainsAtlas use a dual consensus protocol, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and a novel class of useful Proof-of-Work (PoW), called Proof-of-Strategy (PoSg). In the context of PoSg, strategists provide the optimal execution strategy for a given bytecode under a variable set of constraints, and they operate nodes called Pythians that validate those strategies. With PoS, Pythians enable cross-chains communication and provide constant updates on the supported blockchains state.

ChainsAtlas runs on top of the other widely used blockchains and smart contract platforms, and defines new concepts, such as :

Distributed Decentralized Processing Network
Proof of Strategy
Management units
Virtualization units

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