Hemp banking closed AGAIN now looking to crypto to keep providing access

Hi Everyone,

Im Luke the CEO for OwlsOil.com We are a hemp product manufacturer in southern Oregon, USA. After being with Bank of America for 2 years they have made the decision to close the account. We went through all the official hemp banking procedures with the bank and its incredibly frustrating for a business to deal with these issues.

Im very familiar with crypto and was around during the first big boom when BTC hit over 1k and then plummeted. That being said I have being somewhat out of the loop with all of the different processing opportunities. I looked into Bitpay but they don't work with the hemp industry. We are fine to keep the crypto in a stable coin to avoid if not BTC.

For those that don't know in 2018 the farm bill passed in USA legalizing hemp. This also meant legalizing many other cannabinoids that get you high such as Delta 8, HHC and now even delta 9 edibles that can be shipped to majority of states in USA. We completely self regulated with childsafe packaging, one time QR codes based on the blockchain called Cannverify and full panel testing. We would love some advice to incorporate crypto into our website.

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