Patience is a virtue!

Hi all! Before I start, I'm no computer wiz… keep this in mind as you read on.

Just got my first raspi 4 (2GB) and have umbrel on it downloading bitcoin core. It's uptime is currently around 2 days and I'm at 11.59% synchronization (yikes). I have a 1TB HDD (think that's the name) as my storage device. Also a 128 GB micro SD. So this is literally all I can afford at the moment, upgrading isn't an option. Any tech/math people able to calculate how long it'll take? Or is there a way to get an estimate on umbrel? Not sure our internet upload/download speed or anything like that. We're tight on cash and its the poor people's internet lol. I'm just a normal person trying to use bitcoin to have a future. I'm kind of thinking it may take a month at this rate, but I sure hope not. I guess patience is a virtue, though.

Thanks in advance. God bless!

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